Aerosol rigid tubes with high efficacy and resistance
The rigid aerosols cans (Rigid tubes) have high efficacy and resistance, thanks to the investment of Impacta in production technology and finishing. With a diameter of 35mm to 53mm, are designed for various containers and coated internally according to the technical requirements.

Additionally, special formats and finishing can be developed in collaboration with customers.

Opening for valves
IMPACTA offers three basic dimensions of valves opening: 25.4 mm, 20.0 mm and 16.0 mm.

How to choose your tube
Follow our guide and discover the best way to size your aerosol tube:

• Check the weight of the product (X, in g);
• Check the specific weight of product to be packaged (Y, in g/cc);
• Replace the values of X and Y in the formula: capacity (cc) = X / Y.

Take advantage and see the following table. It allows you to calculate the diameter and length of the right tube.