Ideal products for your needs
Aluminum aerosol cans and aluminum or plastic tubes are present in the daily lives of all people. These packaging have the advantage of being practical, easy to handle, beautiful, sterile, recyclable and perfect to shelter various products.

Through the aid of the latest technologies, IMPACTA develops resistant and ideal packaging to meet the needs of several segments. Currently we are supplying products to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic industry, food and adhesives markets, among others.

Quality guaranteed
All quality standards required by national and international market are met during production, therefore products are commercialized on a large scale in Brazil and exported around the world.

Additionally, since June 2008, IMPACTA formally joined the Good Manufacturing Practices program based on U.S. Good Manufacturing Practices. A quality control and strict hygiene program with requirements as: keeping the workplace exceptionally clean, staff with proper uniform, well-trained in the procedures and in the use of PPE to ensure aseptic packaging.