The concern with environmental issues made IMPACTA establish a formal management system for environmental responsibility.

The system is composed of political, environmental manual, goals, annual goals and five programs that involve the entire factory:

- Energy resources usage management;
- Pollution and control monitoring management;
- Water resources management;
- Industrial residue management;
- Usage of materials management.

The system was designed according to the needs of IMPACTA, aiming at producing practical and immediate results. Complete and structured, it has all the requirements to ensure the company's success in preserving the environment.

The company has been expanding these environmental practices through internal campaigns, having, for example, lectures, promotions, theater, etc..

In order for the employees to participate directly in the Environmental Responsibility System there are programs such as "I Make the Difference", "Hotline" and "Informative EcoBoy" whose goal is to create a communication between employees and the company as well as engage everyone in the constant system improval.

To ensure the good progress of the system, environment internal audits are done with the support of qualified auditors, which aim to suggest improvements, show non conformities and follow the evolution of the system performance.